A family is trying to run from Bicske Railway station

Original article with pictures: http://index.hu/belfold/2015/08/31/menekultek_bevandorlok_krizis_percrol_percre/el_akart_szaladni_egy_csalad_a_bicskei_allomasrol/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=index

Nobody knows where the next train is going

A family is trying to run from Bicske Railway station

According to Reuters a family (as shown in the pictures of the original article –ed.) has tried to leave the railway station in Bicske, (North-West of Budapest, Hungary- ed). It is not clear how the mother with a few months-old baby got to the tracks. (According to another reporter they threw themselves to the ground in protest.) It appears from the pictures that the father was trying to protect them, when policemen rounded them up. There is only one policeman in the first picture, then reinforcement came…(For pictures please see original article –ed.)

Important events:

  • On Monday Austria steps up with controlling vehicles on the Hungarian-Austrian border. They search all lorries on M1, which results in a huge traffic jam on the motorway. Trains arriving to Vienna are stopped and searched at Hegyeshalom border-station.
  • On Tuesday refugees are not allowed to board Westbound trains, for a short time Keleti Railway station in Budapest is completely sealed off by police. Later trains started to run again, but only those with Hungarian ID cards were allowed to enter the station.
    Refugees would like to travel on towards the West, they are unsatisfied with not receiving any information, and protest continually in front of the station. They call out Mrs. Merkel’s name repeatedly.
    To address the refugee crisis, Visegrad-country leaders hold an urgency-meeting on Friday. Viktor Orban (Hungary’s Prime Minister – ed.) meets EU leaders on Thursday.
    By Tuesday night Keleti Railway station is at full capacity, there are 3000 people there, many of whom arrived because they were told that the trains would be leaving from here, then ended up being stuck there. Water and food supplies are running out – Migration Aid is receiving donations between 11 am and 11 pm.
  • On Wednesday morning approximately 100 refugees refuse to change to a train heading towards Debrecen (city in East-Hungary-ed.) at another Budapest Railway station, since they want to go to Germany. Policemen show up in large numbers, but there are no atrocities.
    Wednesday mid-day tension is increasing at Keleti Station, protesters hurl empty PET bottles at the police officers. They (refugees – ed.) still insist that they want to move on.
    Wednesday evening the police announce that all refugees must report to a camp and register. Only after this can they leave for Germany. A train is also prepared to take refugees, but by night the ‘operation’ is called off.
  • Thursday morning police disappear from the station, refugees mob the trains. Hungarian National Railways halts departures to Western–Europe but refugees refuse to get off a train, which is actually not going anywhere.

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