A second Westbound refugee train is stopped

Original Article:


It seems that police changed tactics: they let refugees board trains towards Western Hungarian cities like Győr, Sopron, Szombathely, then they stop the trains and make passengers get off them. So far they did this with two trains, one of them is stranded at Bicske-, the other at Nagyszentjános stations. At both places there is tension due to these steps. Reporters are now banned from Bicske station.

At around 3 pm a train departing from Keleti Railway Station, with many dozens of refugees on board stopped at Nagyszentjános, just before Győr. According to our correspondent a large number of policemen were waiting for the refugees, asking them to leave the train using interpreters to explain the situation to them. Our correspondent reports that they were told they would be taken to Győr Police Station, where they will be registered.

Refugees had no idea what was going to happen to them, they told our colleague that they thought they would be allowed to go all the way to Germany, so they sat peacefully all along the journey, despite many police personnel already present with them in the carriages. Hungarian passengers were pre-warned to board the front carriages only, so in fact they were separated from the migrants all the way.

Refugees were asked to get off the train one by one, but some sat on the floor refusing to go to a refugee-camp. Some tried to cross the tracks, only to be rounded up by police. Refugees were protesting that they have now been in Hungary for five days and they have had enough. 70 out of about a hundred refugees were taken away, 30 sat on the floor. Police did not use force and tried to explain issues to them, but they replied that they did not believe anything and that “Hungary is just like Syria.”

This was the second train that left Keleti for a West-Hungarian city with a large number of refugees on board believing they would get to the border. Migrants were not informed by anyone at Keleti, especially not about the fact that by boarding the carriages they would end up in refugee-camps.

The first, originally Sopron – Szombathely – bound train was stopped at Bicske unexpectedly, with approximately 200 refugees on board. Refugees besieged this train in the morning, after they were finally allowed inside the station, most probably believing that they could get to Western Europe, or at least to the border. Everyone without valid documents was taken off at Bicske. There were approximately 20 police vehicles at the station, cars, vans, jeeps and buses.

With the help of an interpreter migrants were informed that there is food and accommodation waiting for them at the camps, and that without valid documents they cannot travel on.

Officials tried to escort migrants to the buses in small groups, whilst they were shouting: “No camp”, meaning that they did not want to go to camps, and then they stopped and remained in the underpass linking the station to the parking lot in protest. A woman and a man hurled themselves to the tracks with their child.

444 reported that a dozen of refugees attacked the police officers. They, and a man accompanying them were arrested by police. Later a British ITV journalist Tweeted that several refugees could not be controlled by police and they got back onto the train. He also wrote that at around 1:30 pm police started handing out water, but many refused to accept.

There is now a standoff at the station, police removed all journalists.

According to an Index article out of two afternoon trains one left Keleti without refugees, another one – also with no migrants on board – is still stuck at the station.

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