Bicske railway station was pronounced operational area

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Bicske railway station was pronounced operational area

The train carrying illegal migrants that left Budapest Keleti railway station on Thursday morning stopped in Bicske (around 30 km west of Budapest). Police lead immigrants in small groups to buses to take them to the temporary accommodation centre in Bicske; however, eventually everybody was directed back to the trains. Refugees waiting at Keleti railway station have already heard about the ”train scam”.

The train heading to Sopron, with hundreds of refugees on it hoping to get to Austria, stopped in Bicske. Police were trying to make refugees disembark, and lead them to the buses. People without valid documents are said to have been made to get off.

There are about 20 police vehicles visible in the area, cars, passenger vans and jeeps, as well as buses suitable for the transportation of people. According to our correspondent, migrants are not willing to get off the train, and are shouting “Syria! Syria!”. Actually, police tried to make everybody disembark the train, but were unable to control the situation, thus lead everybody back on the train.

Refugees on the incredibly crowded train are thirsty, many of them shouting “water, water”. However, they are not getting any. According to our correspondent, a Hungarian Railway Company employee walked in front of them with water in their hands, but, when confronted by journalists, said that it was for themselves. According to a later episode, refugees do not even accept water from the police, only when it is given to them by a journalist.

Operational area
Two people were feeling sick, so doctors got on the train to take care of them.

There are children on the train, too. Our correspondent (correspondent of HVG onsite – ed.) spotted 3-15-year-olds. Masses of immigrants embarked the train at Keleti railway station, hoping to get to Western Europe. Many police officers joined them. Our colleague was informed in Keleti by civilian interpreters that refugees had been informed by the police that they could travel to Germany on Thursday..

Bicske railway station was pronounced an operational area by the police around 2:30. People present – except for refugees – were asked to leave the station.

The train scam news has already been spread to Keleti

According to our colleagues (colleagues of HVG onsite – ed.), another train left Keleti for Sopron a short time later, however, interestingly, no migrant got on it, only Hungarian passengers.

According to our correspondent (correspondent of HVG onsite – ed.), the news of the train scam has already been spreading among refugees in Keleti. Leaders of the demonstrations (Demonstration “Not in my name” organized by Migration Aid – ed.) have started to discuss among each other that something should be done. A refugee mother, who has been waiting in the transit zone with her children for 7 days, told our colleague (colleague of HVG onsite – ed.) that she does not understand that if they are not welcome here, why this is done to them.

Refugees were let into the hall of Keleti railway station Thursday morning. At the same time, police were called back, and the Hungarian Railway Company announced that there would be no trains to Western Europe from Budapest.

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