Civilian Convoy Mission launched to Rescue Refugees

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Civilian Convoy Mission launched to Rescue Refugees

A non-governmental mission has been launched on Facebook: buses and cars are to ferry as many refugees as possible, according to plans, crossing the Hungarian-Austrian border aimed at Vienna and possibly further on towards Germany.

Austrian civilians plan on aiding refugees in crossing the Austrian borders using their passenger cars and buses. The mission, organized on Facebook, was started by three private individuals – with the aim to shatter the “exclusive policies” of the European Union, as well as to place those in need into safety.

It is written on the social media page that “Hungary denies safe railway travel from those with valid tickets. Austria, Germany and the EU stand idly as people in Budapest are living among more and more catastrophic conditions, without support, day after day.”

The first civilian convoy will depart from Vienna at 11:00 AM, Sunday in order to ferry the most possible amount of refugees from Budapest to the Austrian capital. From there on they aim to drive them to even Germany, and to provide support and a possibility to help refugees to reach their target destinations.

The call is sent to everyone willing to help as well as to non-governmental organizations, aid groups, bus companies, taxi companies, unions. They call on the Austrian government to pressurize the Hungarian authorities to fully open their train stations and to prevent future events such as the human trafficking leading to the death of 71 refugees.
They also admit that even though their plot may seem daring and spontaneous, they are connected with Austrian, Hungarian and German initiatives, as well as legal counsel. “We will not allow anyone, but least of all the refugees, to get into any emergency. ÖBB, the Austrian railway company, in the past few days did exactly what we’re preparing to do.” wrote the civilians.
Political actors are asked not to hinder their mission.


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