Hungarian soldiers can use interceptor nets against migrants


The Hungarian Parliament will discuss regulations on permitted army interventions on Thursday, in light of the current massive immigration crisis. If the proposed bill modification is passed, soldiers may have new licensed riot weapons to use against migrants.

According to the national defense law, soldiers are still forbidden to use firearms against citizens, however there are some exceptions to the rule. During the present migration crisis, a soldier can shoot back, if has been attacked. According to the law, weapons can be used in a deadly manner in only one circumstance: when the attack seriously endangers life, and the solider cannot defend himself in any other way.

What is clear is that the modification to the law would legalize the act of causing bodily injuries.

The new regulation means a definite easing up of existing regulations, as it sets aside a previous ruling on the permitted use of certain methods and weapons as a means of riot control, introduced in 2006. “The use of baton round guns, pyrotechnical tools or tear gas grenades do not qualify as firearm usage.” Incidentally, after 2006, the Fidesz party appealed to Brussels to take baton rounds out of the list of legally permitted riot weapons, given that so many people suffered serious injuries from the rounds during demonstrations against the (previous) Gyurcsány government.

Even more surprising is the fact that from 2015, Hungarian soldiers are entitled to use interceptor nets launched with firearms or other similar tools.

The Ministry of Defense was asked about the equipment reminiscent of the ones in lion hunting episodes of jungle films:

  • What kind of regulated interceptor net does the Hungarian Army possess?
  • In what way is the tool allowed to be used against refugees?

So far, we have been waiting for the answers of the ministry for two days without any response.


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