Refugees are already walking on the M7 motorway

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Refugees are already walking on the M7 motorway

As news started spreading yesterday soon after noon, refugees set off from Keleti Railway Station. Migrants are trying to get to Vienna on foot, since the Hungarian State Railway suspended rail services to Western Europe.

Police left Keleti Station and, according to reports, were waiting for the front line of the marching refugees at Blaha (Blaha Lujza tér, approx. 1 km West of Keleti Station – tran.) trying to temporarily contain or turn them around, but they failed.

According to press sources, about two hundred refugees had already tried to set off once yesterday towards Austria but, after a few hundred meters they turned around.

Because of the number of people on the road, Rákóczi Street (the main 4+2 lane avenue leading out from Budapest Westbound – trans.) became partially blocked. Witness reports say that some of the marchers walked on the pavement but several were on the road. Police changed strategy later by not trying to stop but only contain the march. They were trying to keep up the flow of traffic by getting vehicles and people to move alongside each other.

At approximately 1.30 pm, the march reached Erzsébet Bridge, got to the Buda side ( Budapest’s western part – trans.) and, after a 10-15 minute rest headed onwards on Hegyalja – út towards the BAH crossing. (names of streets along the route towards M1/M7 motorways leading out of Budapest – trans.)

The march was led by a half-legged man on crutches for several kilometers.

The front of the march reached the BAH crossing at 2:05 pm. They were joined by an ever increasing number of police officers along the way out of Budapest but they were neither asking for papers from refugees nor did they try to stop them.

Asylum-seekers in the meantime expressed concerns about leaving the boundaries of Budapest, fearing that after a while they would be forced to change their intended route or end up in one of the refugee camps.

In the meantime news was spreading to Bicske (a station West of Budapest with refugees stranded on a train since yesterday – trans. ) on the train and people might start walking from there too, towards Austria.

According to our correspondent, the crowd of about 1,000 people were at Budaörsi Road at 2:15 pm, stopped for another short break by Petőfi Laktanya (army barracks on the edge of Budapest – trans.) and marched on via the incoming section of the M7 motorway.

The front of the march left Budapest’s city limits by about 3 pm, continuing on M1-M7 joint motorway section’s hard shoulder and then walked onto the M1 towards Vienna. Police closed the Motorway to Budaörs.


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