Green light to refugees at Austrian border

Original Article:
Author: András Kósa

Green light to refugees at Austrian border

Refugees taken to the border could get a green light in Vienna According to our information, Austria has given in and will allow the refugees arriving to the border at Hegyeshalom on buses provided by the Hungarian government to cross. They should also not have to go through a security check in Vienna, and from there they had been given free passage already. reports that Austria will not stop refugees arriving on buses provided by the Hungarian government to enter the country at Hegyeshalom. Moreover, there is a very likely scenario already prepared by the Austrians whereby the several thousand refugees will be helped to continue on to Vienna from there in an organised way. This is also supported by news today that the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs is already searching for places suitable to accommodate the refugees and plots to build camps on. They have even dedicated a phone-line to receive applications from all the provinces.

For the accommodations, it is a basic requirement that all rooms must be larger than 8 square metres, and in cases of more than one habitant there should be an additional 4 square metres available for each additional person. A kitchen and facilities for washing are also amongst basic requirements. The Ministry will pay 19 EUR per person per day to hosts. “The Austrian Interior Ministry is preparing to receive refugees together with aid organisations,” they told the newspaper Die Presse.

Federal Chancellor Faymann’s spokesperson also suggested that refugees will be allowed to cross the border. According to his statement, “Austria does not abandon people in danger, and the next steps will be planned together with Germany,” quotes the Austrian Kurier. On Thursday, Gerald Pangl, spokesperson of the Burgenland Police already said that in general they are prepared to receive refugees from Hungary either arriving by train, or they can equally handle a situation where the refugees would cross the Hungarian-Austrian border on foot.

“Once in Vienna, they will allow them to transit without registration, and monitoring will only be done by spot-checks,” announced the Viennese Chief of Police, also on Thursday. “If there are no serious breaches of regulations and police control is unnecessary, why should we intervene?” he posed the rhetorical question. Gerhard Pürstl justified the decision by saying that they are unable to monitor all travelers, they cannot identify them and they cannot arrest them, either.


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