Keleti filling up with Refugees again


Author: anarki

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Keleti filling up with refugees again; no more westbound buses; it begins all over again

The Hungarian government launched buses Friday evening to shuttle the refugees camping at Keleti railway station and the ones who opted to walk to Vienna, Austria, via the M1 highway.

According to accounts of late night Friday and early morning Saturday the train terminal emptied, cleanup was started and it was believed that only those refugees who actually want to live their lives there will stay in Keleti…

István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest, immediately ordered the building of a central transit zone to be stopped, saying that the situation was resolved.

However, it was not.

By Saturday morning it turned out that the whole situation will start over again. As one volunteer said, some of the campers at Keleti simply got stuck at the station. Despite the arrival of the westbound buses they didn’t believe that they would truly be brought to the [Hungarian-Austrian] border. Thinking they would end up in camps, the remaining refugees decided to flee, returning later to Keleti railway terminal. Among the campers there now are also those who arrived to Budapest this morning.

Unlike last week, when several thousand refugees camped at Keleti, today there are only a few hundred people. However, the Hungarian police announced that at least 1800 people crossed the southern border of the country yesterday. It is expected that many of them will end up in Keleti.

Meanwhile Zoltán Kovács [Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Relations] announced that Friday’s bus transit was a one-time concession: the Hungarian government will not launch any more westbound buses. Problematically, many refugees started out from the camp in Debrecen [in eastern Hungary] hoping that the road is now open for them – it is likely that they will also arrive to Keleti. And so it all begins again.

International TV crews are still stationed in front of Keleti.


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