Migrants from Hungary will be transported to Salzburg and Vienna with a special train

Author: anarki Original title: Különvonattal Salzburgba és Bécsbe viszik a Magyarországról érkezett menekülteket
Publication: 444.hu Date: 08:06 05/09/2015

Migrants from Hungary will be transported to Salzburg and Vienna with a special train


Sonja Horner, spokesperson of the Austrian Railway Company, said the first special train which is waiting at Nickelsdorf station will proceed to Salzburg station with migrants from Hungary on board.

The second train has already been prepared to transport migrants to Westbanhof. According to Horner, two trains will definitely be dispatched, although waiting for further developments will give a better picture of the situation. The deputy chief of police of the state of Burgenland, Werner Fasching declared earlier that migrants who arrived to Austria from Hungary will be transported to Wien Westbanhof from Nickelsdorf by special trains. The departure of the trains was originally planned at 6:00 am, and the headquarters of Burgerland expect more trains will be necessary.

Hans Peter Doskozil, chief of police of the state, said that Austrian policemen were waiting for the buses transporting migrants at the old bus station on the Hungarian border in order to guide them to the designated sites in Austria. Based on previous information, 50-60 buses can arrive. Migrants from the Hungarian border will be taken to Nickelsdorf station or Nova Rock Halle which was originally set up as a festival camp.

During the night to Saturday, Austrian chancellor Werner Faymann announced on his Facebook page that, given the state of emergency evolved in Hungary and after conferring with Ms Merkel of Germany as well as notifying Viktor Orban, Austria and Germany would let the migrants from Hungary to travel to their countries. Faymann added, otherwise they expected Hungary to fulfil their commitments to the European Union, including the Dublin Regulation.


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