Migrants transferred to Hegyeshalom upon request – Lázár

Original article: http://www.atv.hu/belfold/20150904-lazar-hegyeshalomba-szallitjak-a-bevandorlokat-akik-ezt-kerik

All migrants at Keleti Railway Station or on the M1 motorway will be transported to Hegyeshalom by the government if requested, as stated by János Lázár.

We still don’t know today the German position on the refugees situated in Hungary, but the European Union also seems unfit to deal with the situation. We haven’t received help in handling the migration situation. We couldn’t wait for the Union, Germany or Austria, so the central operative body made decisions to secure the traffic on the country’s public roads and railways, said Lázár.

Károly Papp chief of National Police: there are 1200 people on M1 and 300 on main railway line 1. The latter group are going to the open reception centre from the open reception centre in Bicske.

The government informed the Austrian Government about the situation. Orbán Viktor inquired about the Austrian Government’s position on the fate of the 1200 people heading towards the border on multiple occasions.

Neither Austria nor Germany are helping the migrants or the Hungarian Government, and Brussels only dictates – says Lázár, who thinks it’s required to take measures as the safety of Hungarian traffic should not be put to risk.

The Hungarian Government will have anyone transported to Hegyeshalom, the border between Hungary and Austria, if requested, from Keleti Railway Station and the M1 motorway. They’re also asking for civilian assistance. The decision does not include refugees stationed at refugee camps.


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