She left the Church because of Cardinal’s statement

Original Article:

She left the Catholic Church because of cardinal’s statement regarding refugees. 

The Church would commit human trafficking if it accepted refugees, said Peter Erdő Cardinal. His statement upset many, but some went further than others.

“I called my Parish and asked what the procedures were if I wanted to leave the Church,” writes one of our readers, Agnes Penziás. She says she made her decision because of Peter Erdő’s statement, which she says reminds her of Sandor Szakaly’s opinion claiming that deportations in 1941 were “simple immigration-office measures.”

“Poor cardinal is right, it would be a shame if such a mighty person should be put in chains for accepting a refugee child lying in the dirt into his home. He might even end up in the same cell as Ferenc Gyurcsány (former Hungarian Prime Minister – trans.) who is already acting like a human trafficker. (reference to Mr. Gyurcsany welcoming refugees into his house – trans.) “ – writes our reader. She still has her certification of baptism from 70 years ago, her mother kept it for her. With this she can prove that she was indeed a member of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our earlier translation of an article about the Cardinal’s statement: Church would become human trafficker
Article from The Guardian, quoting the same: Christian Politicians

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