The Austrian Chancellor announced on Facebook that the refugees can go

Author: Dávid Klag Original title: Facebookon jelentette be az osztrák kancellár, hogy mehetnek a menekültek
Publication: Index Date: 05/09/2015

The Austrian Chancellor announced on Facebook that the refugees can go 

Friday evening Janos Lazar told the press at an extraordinary press conference that Hungary could not wait any longer for Germany and Austria. One only needed to wait until the end of the game between Hungary and Romania, however: Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann made the announcement on Facebook that, given the situation at the Hungarian border, the two countries would allow entry to the migrants (sic! – refugees!!!).

Faymann held discussions by telephone with Viktor Orban and Angela Merkel, and the decision was made by all three of them. The Austrian chancellor added that Hungary is expected to meet its obligations under the Dublin treaty and that they count on the country’s co-operation.

On Friday Lazar announced that they had informed Austria that migrants were on their way toward Austria. Viktor Orban asked the Austrian government to make known its legal position concerning entry and exit through its borders. They delivered a diplomatic note to the Austrians, but according to a statement by the Austrian Chancellor, he will only be able to attend to the question on Saturday morning. Lazar also stated that no one stands in solidarity with Hungary, neither Germany nor the European Commission.


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