The Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs has spoken

Author: MTI Original title: Megszólalt az osztrák belügy: akár vissza is küldhetik a menekülteket
Publication: HVG Date: 23:51 04/09/2015

The Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs has spoken: they might even turn refugees back

The Austrian police and the Red Cross are prepared to receive hundreds of refugees presently on their way from Hungary to Austria. They are primarily concentrating on providing medical and humanitarian aid, the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced late on Friday night.

All migrants (sic – refugees!!!) may hand in an application for asylum in Austria, and the Home Office will inform the refugees of this, they stated. They added that all applications will be judged based on an individual and objective framework of procedure.

Austria will examine the conditions of the refugee application procedure according to the Dublin III decree. In certain cases, the applicants may be returned to the European Union state of arrival, the bulletin says. In the case that the refugee does not wish to hand in an application in Austria, they will only apply measures of enforcement according to principles of proportion.

The most important thing for the Austrian authorities at the moment is to prevent human tragedies from occurring, and their ultimate aim is to maintain security and order. Police will co-operate with aid organisations.

Solving the present situation can only be done in the spirit of European solidarity, the statement says. In answer to the Austrian Wire Service’s (APA) question of whether buses will be sent to the border, the Ministry has not stated up till now what means the refugees will be guided across the borders with.


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