Upon the Departure of the Migrants, Mayor Tarlós Suspends Construction of the Transit Zone

Author: propeller.hu Original title: Tarlós a migránsok távozásával felfüggeszti a tranzitzóna építését
Publication: propeller.hu Date: 03:16 05/09/2015

Upon the Departure of the Migrants, Mayor Tarlós Suspends Construction of the Transit Zone

The city of Budapest will suspend the construction of the temporary social block on Verseny Street (next to the Keleti Railway Station – trans.) – announced the Office of the Mayor Saturday morning to the Hungarian Wire Service.

The decision was made after the illegal migrants (sic!) had left the transit zone of the Keleti Railway Station. Their communication states that the city provided sixty buses for the transportation of the migrants.

The transit zones that had been set up earlier were located at the Eastern (Keleti), Western (Nyugati) and Southern (Déli) railway stations. The most populous among them was at the Eastern railway station. The executives of the city then decided, upon consulting with government agencies and volunteers, to build a so-called temporary social block for housing the migrants in a new location. They designated the space previously held by a market in Verseny Street for the purpose.

Last week there had been public disturbances on several occasions at Baross Square (the site of the Keleti station – trans.).

One group of migrants set off on foot from the Eastern railway station just a little before 1 p.m. on Friday. They left the Hungarian capital in the direction of the M1 highway. Late in the evening, they stopped at a rest stop near Zsámbék to sleep. Many of them carried pictures of Angela Merkel. At the head of the march, a young man who identified himself as Syrian confirmed to a reporter of the Hungarian Wire Service that they were headed toward the border and that their destination was clearly Germany.

By early morning on Saturday, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann announced on his Facebook page that, upon consulting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he also informed Prime Minister Viktor Orban that Austria and Germany would allow the travel of migrants (sic!) into their country.

The first bus transporting migrants arrived at the Hungarian-Austrian border at half past two in the morning.

The Austrian Red Cross announced that they expect 800-1500 migrants, who will be accommodated at the refugee reception centre in Nickelsdorf (in Hungarian: Miklóshalma).


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