Auto Convoy Launched from Vienna to Collect Refugees

Author: MTI/ Original title: Elindult az autókonvoj a menekültekért Bécsből
Publication: HVG Date: 06/09/2015

Auto Convoy Launched from Vienna to Collect Refugees

The convoy will protest in Nickelsdorf, Austria, then will head on to Hungary to pick up refugees walking along the road. It is probable that they will not come to Budapest, but if needed they will make more rounds between the two countries.

The auto convoy has departed from Vienna, from the parking lot at Praterplatz. More than 130 vehicles rolled out Sunday morning to ferry refugees from Hungary to Austria.

According to the Austrian Kurier 300 vehicles started out with 500 people; they are loaded with donations such as warm clothes and food. The Austrian law applies to the drivers: they can pick up anyone – this will not be deemed human-trafficking. The only restriction to mind is not to drive anyone across the border.

According to the organisers the first station is Nickeldsorf (Austria) where the convoy’s participants will conduct a short protest against the Dublin enactment. From there they will drive on to the Hungarian-Austrian border, and onwards to Hungary.

It is probable that the cars will not drive all the way to Budapest, rather pick up the wandering refugees along the road and deliver them to the Austrian capital. The convoy will be escorted by the Austrian police all the way to the border.


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