Berlin Newspaper Tagesspiegel defending Hungary on Title Page

Author: Dorottya Somogyi Original title: Címlapon védi Magyarországot a berlini Tagesspiegel
Publication: Date: 15:08 06/09/2015

Berlin Newspaper Tagesspiegel defending Hungary on Title Page

Criticism over Hungary’s actions is unfair. Germany is applying double standards on issues concerning European solidarity with the migrants’ plight, writes an editor of the online version of the Berlin-based newspaper Tagesspiegel.

In his editorial on the title page of the portal, Christoph von Marschall, one of the managing editors and Washington correspondent of the Tagesspiegel, writes that PM Viktor Orbán’s views on democracy and human rights well deserve criticism. However, giving all the blame to Hungary and other Eastern European countries while fully absolving older, Western member states of the EU is not fair; they have at least as much responsibility in the current situation.

The Dublin Regulation may be wrong or outdated, but it appoints the receiving country as the one responsible for registering the refugees entering the European Union on their territories. According to data from Eurostat, the EU statistics office, however, 170 000 of the 400 000 asylum seekers were registered in Germany. Hungary is second on the list, right after Germany, with 66 500 registrations, while Italy and France only registered 30 000 each, and Greece a mere 6000. This means, states von Marschall, that Hungary registered ten times as many as its size would warrant. Poland also receives asylum seekers although it isn’t a target country.

These numbers and German reactions show that according to general opinion, countries dispatching refugees the way Greece and Italy do, are ’all right’, while countries trying to comply with current regulations are pilloried. In addition, refugees gain the impression they are free to choose the country they are to register in. As a conclusion, the article warns there are up to a million refugees to be expected in Germany by the end of the year, and that the country is going to need allies in the Union if it is to comply with the regulations.


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