Chancellor says Orbán wanted to trick him

Author: Original title: Az osztrák kancellár szerint Orbán be akarta csapni
Publication: Date: 06/09/2015

Chancellor says Orbán wanted to trick him

The last train from Nickelsdorf to Vienna departs at half past eight and the border station still has about a thousand refugees. Many of them are wearing nothing but shorts and Vietnamese flipflops and are shivering. It is cold, it is raining and the organizers want to get the refugees to the capital in hopes that some buses might be launched as well.

In the afternoon Christoph Schönborn, head of the Austrian Catholic church personally examined the Nickelsdorf Music Hall where 500 refugees were hosted. He was satisfied with the work of aiding organizations, particularly with that of Caritas, the Red Cross and the police.

On Saturday, at an event of the governing Social-Democratic Party, Chancellor Werner Faymann (head of the party) said Austria had opened its borders following negotiations with Germany as they do not want to leave people in peril. The Chancellor has a bad opinion about the Hungarian Prime Minister (Viktor Orbán) “who claims that the refugee-problem will be dealt with by using barbed wire and then creates such political chaos that he discredits himself.”

He also said Viktor Orbán signalled the arrival of 4,000 refugees on Friday night, however Faymann did not believe him, even from the first moment on.

The Police of Burgenland are complaining that conflicting news reaches them from Hungary and that factual information is scarce.   They have been told, for example, that there is a new train bound for the Austrian border with another 1,500 refugees.

It is now known that the Austrian car convoy which aims to transport refugees from Hungary to Austria will depart tomorrow. Earlier they had reconsidered the action, being afraid of prosecution for human-trafficking (with years of imprisonment likely in Hungary). The events of the past few days however have put their fears to rest.

Austrian activists have messaged the refugees and suggested they take the train to Hegyeshalom (Western- Hungary, close to the Austrian-Hungarian border -trans.) and cross the border there on foot. On the Austrian side they will be taken care of.

The Austrian national television channel’s newscast highlighted at 19.30 that on this day no conflict with police forces has taken place.


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