Demonstration at Hegyeshalom

Author: H.B. Original title: Tüntetést tartanak Hegyeshalomnál
Publication: Date: 15:36 06/09/2015

Demonstration at Hegyeshalom

After the 11000 migrants on Saturday, a further 2200 refugees left for Germany on Sunday – as the spokesperson of ÖBB, the Austrian Railway company announced.

The 350 exhausted refugees who were taken from the border to Graz on Sunday morning to rest, also left the Austrian town by now. They are bound for Germany, only 16 of them decided to stay in Austria. Apart from the regular ones, the railway company dispatches an extra train to Munich every hour – a total of 40 additional trains.

There is controversial information circulating on the civil initiative involving 500 people leaving in 300 cars – after some hesitation – to transport the refugees currently on their way on foot to Austria. They left the Praterstern in Vienna on Sunday morning, packed with warm clothing (at the request of the initiative’s organizers). They originally planned to proceed on motorway M1 until they find the crowd. When they were informed that the refugees are not allowed to use the motorway, they split into three groups (towards the towns of Hegyeshalom, Győr and Budapest), and are to meet, according to the latest news, at the old Hegyeshalom border crossing point to keep a solidarity demonstration and distribute the clothes they had brought.

Although Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, refused to convene an emergency meeting of European prime ministers and presidents to discuss the refugee policy of the EU as requested by Werner Faymann, Chancellor of Austria, who emphasised the importance of a high-level meeting, a month before the official planned date.


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