First Wave of Refugee-ferrying Convoy Arrived

Author: Original title: Megjött a menekültmentő konvoj első hulláma
Publication: Date: 19:07 06/09/2015

First Wave of Refugee-ferrying Convoy Arrived

The first cars of the convoy to transport refugees from Hungary to Austria have arrived to II.János Pál pápa square, Budapest. They can ferry 80 refugees by their 20-30 cars.

According to their calculations, with 20 cars they can carry 80 people. They said some other cars are on the way. Hungarian volunteers will bring the refugee-passangers to the edge of the square, prioritizing women and children. A group of refugees, a dozen men, are already with a group of Austrians at the square but it is yet unknown whether they will be ferried.

Meanwhile other cars and transit buses have arrived to Keleti, so the ferrying can be started from two locations.


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