Open Border to be Closed Gradually in front of Refugees

Author: Thüringer Barbara Original title: Fokozatosan felfüggesztik az osztrák határ menekültek előtti megnyitását
Publication: Date: 17:15 06/09/2015

Open Border to be Closed Gradually in front of Refugees

Austria’s chancellor, Werner Faymann announced Sunday afternoon: “…step by step we need to abandon the special measures and must return to the normal, humane proccedure following the legal norms.”

As he said the special measures employed during the weekend in order to handle the refugee situation of the weekend will have to be gradually cancelled. According to the spokesperson for the chancellor this means that the Austrian-Hungarian border will again see random inspections once the flood of refugees had ceased. He did not specify a time for this, reports the MTI.
According to the analysis oof APA news agency, this means a gradual shut down of the open border for refugees.

We’ve always said this was an emergency situation in which we had to act urgently and humanely. We helped more than 12 thousand people in their dire predicament.

– said the Austrian chancellor, who says he is in constant contact with Angela Merkel and Viktor Orbán.

Werner Faymann also affirmed that Austria, in close cooperation with Germany, aims to play a central part in managing the refugee situation in the EU. In connection with this, securing the common borders, guaranteeing the fair administrative process and the delegation of refugees into member states with accordance to the EU quotas should become priorities.

“The European Union stands in front of its greatest challenge yet. It truly needs to earn the Nobel Peace prize.” – said the chancellor, referring to the prize he was awarded a few years ago.
According to the Ministry of internal affairs in Vienna some 14 thousand refugees arrived to Austria from Hungary during the weekend, of which 12 thousand have already departed for Germany.


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