Röszke Aerodrome evacuated

Author: MTI Original title: Kiürítik a röszkei hangárt
Publication: HVG Date: 06/09/2015

Röszke Aerodrome evacuated

It has been open since the beginning of the year, but became redundant with the opening of the new collection point. Tents were all empty by Sunday morning, no refugees were held in them.

Evacuation began at Röszke Aerodrome. People crossing the border illegally and arrested in Csongrád county were held here in the surrounding leased buildings and tents erected on the grounds.No more migrants were held here on Sunday, all tents were empty. People from a company servicing mobile toilets were busy disinfecting them.

Police started evacuating the so-called “official immigration-authority procedure location” after opening the new camp a few meters away on Sunday.

Police decided to open up the aerodrome at the beginning of this year, when the number of illegal immigrants, then mostly from Kosovo, rose above several hundreds daily and Szeged Border Patrol’s facilities proved to be insufficient to place people.At first only the aerodrome was filled up with migrants then, as the number of illegal border-crossings were rising higher and higher, tents were erected on the fence-enclosed grounds. Police here started the registry of migrants, provided them with identifying armbands and took down their most important details.

On Friday morning approximately 300 migrants in two separate waves broke through the fencing and ran towards the M5 motorway. Later all of them were re-captured. Following this incident no new groups were transported here, only those reporting here voluntarily


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