Saturday impressions

Text and pictures by one of our volunteers

Saturday afternoon at Keleti felt more like a street party than a refugee encampment! Kids were playing ball, blowing bubbles, drawing, face painting, polishing their nails. There was plenty of food, also hot food – someone had donated a bunch of kebabs which were very popular. Clothes, shoes, blankets, nappies and baby food were neatly laid out and plentiful, thanks to all the amazing donations received over the past few days. A group of Germans had arrived to put up canopies to protect from the rain that was forecast. A woman from Transylvania was handing out home-made pancakes. A diabetic boy was taken to hospital. A child was crying, another wanted a banana. Signs of love and thanks had been written in chalk on the walls of the station. A scene very different from the overcrowding and stand-off in the station two days prior. But everyone knew the bad weather, the rain and the cold were coming.

Pictures courtesy of the photographer. Taken in Budapest, 05.09.2015


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