The real system of national cooperation became reality at railway-stations and on motorways

Author: András Jámbor Original title: A valódi nemzeti együttműködés rendszere a pályaudvarokon és az autópályákon teremtődött meg
Publication: Date: 20:16 05/09/2015

The real * system of national cooperation became reality at railway-stations and on motorways.

( *a term introduced by Viktor Orban and his government – trans.)

The people of Törökbálint, Budaörs, Bicske and other towns along the M1 motorway, the volunteers at the railway stations, those getting into their cars to help the marching refugees; the Swedish girls, who came to Hungary to party but instead raised 3 million HUF for the refugees and despite police prohibition, handed it out to them; the French boys arriving in Budapest on holiday, choosing to volunteer instead; the Abbey of Pannonhalma, the Benedictine order whose members are welcoming the wayfarers with food, drink, beds and a place to clean themselves; civilian mothers taking baby-carriers and prams to the motorway, children giving their soft toys to the refugees; and the tremendous number of donors who provided their fellow humans with money, clothes and food.

The line is endless, with thousand of stories, that make us proud to be Hungarian today.

I do not know the reasons why everything that has been happening in the past months culminated yesterday and today in Hungary. Surely there are explanations, such as political indecisiveness, solidarity, decency. However, the amount of humanity shown in the face of the inhumanity of power could be anticipated by very few of us in years past. It is not a coincidence that in the last few days we heard many refugees saying how wonderful the Hungarian people are, despite the Hungarian Government being evil.  

It has been broadcasted and mentioned everywhere, from CNN to Al Jazeera, from the smallest Japanese television to newspapers in Iran: what an immense amount of help has been given by the Hungarian people.

Then yesterday, partially due to this solidarity too, a handful of Syrian and Afghani people, who set off from Bicske railway station and along the M1 motorway, in their final desperation and after all the treachery and political incompetence of the past week demonstrated their right to existence, and managed to get the border open for them and their fellow refugees.

Yesterday at midnight we were still worrying about far-right “ultras” seeping in at Keleti, turning up in ever increasing numbers around the station’s transit zone, then a few minutes later we witnessedcould witness something very rare. A tiny dot in the World’s History. The opening of the border of the EU.

Thinking back on yesterday like this, after two hours of sleep, gives me enormous power. The hatred that lives in another group of Hungarian people, who wish death on others only because they were born someplace else, billowed on many of our consciences, including me.  After yesterday’s huge wave of solidarity this was somehow broken.

I don’t much believe in the types of phrases such as “the flood of love shall break hatred” but now something like this has actually happened. These sentences don’t bother or frustrate me, and the government’s cruelty seems equally distant now. I still have this euphoric feeling, and the real, valid knowledge: it is worth helping these people and we really do save lives when we give water to those who are thirsty, and when we give food to those who are hungry.

These are of course only the events of today, giving no indication of what is yet to come in Europe, or what politics might cause. I am still, however, sure that Orban and his team misjudged the situation and by opening the borders gave a direction to European politics that will not reinforce their own “death-dealing” rhetoric. They set solidarity and love free, and this will be difficult to undo. And not only in politics. Those who were part of the days passed feel, that some sort of a community was born, a real national cooperation, even if we do not yet understand, or have a use for it.

We don’t know what the following days and weeks will bring, we are yet unaware of any horrible or wonderous moments to come. There are surely better and also worse situations to come to all of us. Nevertheless, about one thing we can be certain: what can be done, as Hungarian Citizens did dutifully, and that we are standing prepared to continue!


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