This will cause huge troubles – more massive migrant flow is prognosticated by an expert

Author: MTI Original title: “Ebből óriási nehézségek lesznek” – a mostaninál masszívabb menekülthullámot jósol egy szakértő
Publication: HVG Date: 08:58 06/09/2015

This will cause huge troubles – more massive migrant flow is prognosticated by an expert

Gyorgy Nogradi an expert in security policy was asked by public media prognosticates much harder migrant flow, moreover he added the fact Germany sends the 65% of migrants back to Hungary will also lead to serious problems.

Now only the first flow of migrants are here, however those who much more deprived than them will leave after that – claimed by Gyorgy Nogradi a security policy expert on Sunday morning on Hungarian channel M1.

The expert attracted the attention to Germany where only the 35% of migrants are taken in and the other 65% goes back to Hungary which will escalate tremendous hardships, said Gyorgy Nogradi.

He mentioned the German proposal about migrants should not have given money but food and goods, generates conflicts itself. He affixed it was notified by Germans that they need educated and self-sufficing youngsters which makes obvious the discrepancy between morality and political purposes.

The expert named several examples like Belgium or Netherlands where Muslims who arrived to these countries are incapable of sufficient integration.

According to the expert`s opinion handling the migrants problem is an enormous challenge therefore all- European reaction should be given, otherwise in the forthcoming period of time we will fall into disaster status – defined Gyorgy Nogradi on Channel M1.


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