42 Intellectuals Wrote about Hungarian `Barbed Wire Policy` to Merkel

Author: origo.hu Original title: Magyar szögesdrót-politikáról ír 42 értelmiségi Merkelnek
Publication: origo.hu Date: 12:12 06/09/2015

42 Hungarian intellectuals decided to write a public letter to the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, acting to promote the acceptance of refugees.

The 42 people who turned to Angela Merkel in their letter wrote, ‘for the thousands who escaped from civil wars around Europe, for the hostages of the failing migrant policy of the European Union and for those who became toys of the unrestrained national government obliging them to live sub-human life in Hungary and be in dread of tomorrow’.

Gabor Demszky, former mayor of Budapest, and Agnes Aczel, sociologist, have also signed the letter which they published in Nepszabadsag-online where they described the present situation as shameful and humiliating, saying that Hungarians up till now could be proud of being the ones who took the first stone out of the Berlin Wall.

In their letter they recounted that the government had been trying to raise fear of migrants through billboards and television so they would have more extreme right voters. They also mentioned that with the help of the votes of parliamentary representatives of the extreme right, a state of emergency from 15 September will be introduced using the refugee crisis as an excuse. Addressing Merkel they added that Hungarian politicians are politicians who gave up on solidarity and humanity, but at the same time they are her ally-party representatives, too.

‘They have been acting in Hungary for the past couple of months as if the European People`s Party had declared the caliphate of xenophobia, and as if a sharia of intolerance and national self-interest had been introduced.’


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