1459 Illegal Migrants Arrested So Far

Author: MTI Original title: Eddig 1459 tiltott határátlépőt fogtak el
Publication: atv.hu Date: 19:40 06/09/2015

1459 Illegal Migrants Arrested So Far

1459 illegal border crossers have been arrested by the police on the Serbian-Hungarian section of the border by 5 pm on Sunday, said Tibor Lakatos, head of the Public Order Division of the National Police Headquarters during the early evening police press conference.

He emphasized: neither road nor rail traffic has been disrupted. They are in continuous consultation with the rail company and the German, the Austrian and the Hungarian police jointly patrol trains departing from Keleti Railway Station in the direction of Austria.

There are no serious disruptions in the Keleti Railway station, neither at the main entrance nor in the underground passages, said the colonel, while behind him at the press conference live pictures were shown of the underground of the railway station being cleaned and completely empty.

300-350 migrants are waiting for international trains on site, said Tibor Lakatos. He also added that traffic on the roads is safe and at no location do pedestrians in mass disrupt the traffic.

Árpád Szép, director of asylum affairs in the Office of Immigration and Citizenship stated that the registration of the asylum-applications is taking place at an appropriate pace. So far 1443 such applications were recorded on Sunday, and there are 3049 people at the reception centers.

Regarding the question of the MTI (the Hungarian News Agency – trans.) whether the police has data on how many illegal immigrant have been able to leave the country since Saturday – since bus transportation made it possible for the migrants to reach the border – Tibor Lakatos said that the police had no such data.

A questioner asked, in relation to a statement by Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann who on Sunday afternoon said that the extraodinary measures implemented during the weekend in order to manage the refugee situation must be gradually revoked, whether the police is prepared for the possibility that the refugees might not be able to travel on to Austria. Tibor Lakatos replied that this will not influence the work of the Hungarian police, they shall continue to do their job lawfully and professionally.


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