A Camp with Heated Tents Ready to Accommodate a Thousand People Opened at Röszke

A Camp with Heated Tents Ready to Accommodate a Thousand People Opened at Röszke

Author: Hanna Csatlós MTI Original title: Fűtött sátras, ezer fő befogadására alkalmas tabor nyílt Röszkénél
Publication: vs.hu 06/09/2015

An alien registration police station with a hundred tents enclosed by galvanized steel posts from the temporary border fence opened at Röszke on Sunday dawn. The first arrested refugees have already arrived.
According to information previously provided by the Ministry of Interior, the construction of the camp cost 38 million forints. Besides the construction workers, convicts were also employed on the construction.
The area of 10.5 hectares is enclosed by the same steel posts as the ones used for building the temporary border fence and NATO-wire was fixed onto the top of the fence. The flooring of the area is made of crushed stone, it is equipped with street lights and altogether a hundred tents have been set up. At the entrance of the camp, there are containers for the staff and a microwave transmission tower has also been planted.
Late at night, some of the migrants protesting against registration have been let in to look around the tents – so that they would calm down somewhat – says MTI (the Hungarian News Agency – transl.). Refugees have been quoted saying that the heated tents have comfortable beds.
According to the previous communication of the police, the camp is suited for accommodating a thousand people.
In the past weeks most of the illegal migrants arrived in the country via the Röszke area. On Saturday, 744 trespassers were arrested in the Southern parts of Csongrád county.


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