Csaba Hende Hungarian Defense Minister resigns

Author: MTI/HVG.hu Original title: Lemondott Hende Csaba honvédelmi miniszter
Publication: HVG.hu Date: 18:13 07/09/2015

Csaba Hende Hungarian Defense Minister resigns

The Defence Minister handed in his resignation after the national security cabinet reviewed the issue of the border-blockade.

The government’s national security committee held a session on Monday, where they “reviewed the situation regarding the illegal immigration (sic!), then heard a summary about the current status of the temporary border-blockade being erected on the Hungarian-Serbian border.” Following the committee session, Defense Minister Csaba Hende handed in his resignation to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who accepted it.

The premier then asked István Simicskó to take over the duties of the Defense Minister.
Csaba Hende did not wish to comment on the background of his resignation.

Although the departure of the Defense Minister had already been raised a few times prior, it still comes as a surprise now. While some changes in the cabinet were expected in September, Janos Lazar (Government Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office – trans.) has reiterated a number of times that these would be below ministerial level, and would only affect state secretaries. This is why it is more likely that the Minister resigned due to the fence (i.e., the morning border-blockade – trans.).

The government announced back on 25 June this year that they would build a 4m-high, 175 km long two-level fence-system. They started building the fence from mid-July, but it was only a temporary one. Nevertheless, Viktor Orban said in his speech in Tusnadfürdő that because of the refugee crisis he expected the final fence to be finished by the end of August.

The two persons responsible for the construction of the border-blockade were Csaba Hende (now resigned Defence Minister – trans.) and Sandor Pinter (Minister of Internal Affairs-trans.).

Simicskó becomes Minister It was unanticipated that the Prime Minister would ask him to fill the defence post – István Simicskó said to hvg.hu. He said he asked for a short time to think it over and check with his family. He was asked what exact tasks were assigned to him by Viktor Orban as Minister, but he would only say that regarding operational issues, he will comment at a later time.


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