Czech Minister of the Interior: “We cannot abandon Hungary”

Author: MTI Original title: Cseh Belügyminiszter: „Nem hagyhatjuk magára Magyarországot”
Publication: Date: 11:50 07/09/2015

Czech Minister of the Interior: “We cannot abandon Hungary

Europe has forgotten a bit about Hungary, but we cannot abandon it, and it must be assisted in handling the migration crisis – said Milan Chovanec Czech Minister of the Interior.

“We cannot abandon Hungary, whose territory is crossed by nearly as many refugees as Italy and Greece together. And yet the financial aid provided by the European Union is negligible, amounting to about zero” – claimed Chovanec in an interview published by independent, Czech left-wing daily Pravo on Monday. “The Balkan route threatens the Czech Republic as well, which is why we would like it to be taken more seriously” – Chovanec emphasised.

The Czech Republic has offered policemen, money and technical equipment as assistance to Hungary, and now Prague awaits Budapest’s reply. So far, Hungary has only asked for tents for the accommodation of refugees, which were immediately sent from Prague to Budapest – explained the Minister.

According to Milan Chovanec, it is by now absolutely obvious that the European Union has underestimated the problem of migration. “If I wanted to answer that question, I would have to say that yes, they have underestimated it. And not just the Balkan route, but migration in general, as a destabilising source of danger” – he stated in no uncertain terms.

In the case that Europe does not defend its external borders, then it will be difficult to maintain the Schengen Zone. “As I see it, the Schengen Zone will be in great danger in a few years’ time” – opined Chovanec. Throughout Europe, as a result of the complicated situation, fascist and populist movements are strengthening, and if these obtain power in the course of the next elections, we can presume that they will try to restrict or terminate the Schengen Zone – expounded the Minister.

“Now, however, the point is not to look for those responsible, but to solve the problem” – Chovanec remonstrated in the interview.


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