Hundreds of people are under the open skies in Röszke

Author: Somogyi Dorottya Original title: Röszkén több százan vannak még szabad ég alatt
Publication: Date: 05:26 07/09/2015

Hundreds of people are under the open skies in Röszke

The refugees are waiting to be taken to the alien policing station that was opened on Saturday – says MTI (the Hungarian News Agency – trans.). Volunteers have reported that hundreds of people are on the bare field without blankets, warm clothes or medical assistance and the police are not allowing foreign helpers with cars to get close.

In the meantime MTI reported that refugees are continuously arriving in Röszke along the route from Horgos to Szeged on Sunday afternoon and evening. The police order the people towards the road to Dugony where an assembly point is established. Here, late Sunday evening hundreds have waited for buses to take them to the alien policing station opened the night before.

According to the journalist of one of the German TV channels, around 300 people were waiting on the fields without blankets. The volunteers have noted before that there is a need for firewood, warm clothes and tents. A baby of around one-year-old, who has arrived with the mother, is ill and they are looking for urgent medical assistance.

At the assembly point, UNHCR staff, Hungarian and foreign civilians and aid organizations have distributed food and drink and baby food for families with small children. Registration is starting at the new alien policing station. Refugees are given a wristband and following the registration of their personal data will be transported to the stations of the Office of Immigration and Nationality where their fingerprints will be taken.


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