Illegal Immigration: Special Emergency Personnel Tend To The Border-Crossers on an Ongoing Basis

Author:                                    MTI Original title: Illegális bevándorlás – Folyamatosan látják el a határsértőket a speciális mentők
Publication: Date: 04:49 07/09/2015

Illegal Immigration: Special Emergency Personnel Tend To The Border-Crossers on an Ongoing Basis

Emergency medical personnel are on the scene on an ongoing basis to tend to those who illegally cross the borders. The most common medical needs they face are dehydration, exhaustion and chills, said Krisztian Ursinyi of the Hungarian National Defense Health Center, director of the AMS emergency team, to MTI (the Hungarian news agency – ed.) in Röszke on Sunday.

According to the expert, the most common complaints are exhaustion and dehydration after the long walk. With the beginning of the rainy and foggy season, however, colds and upper-respiratory problems are more and more common, especially in children. Fortunately, thanks to the Red Cross and the Samaritan Society, the medicine they need is available for their care. 

Five pregnant women were helped altogether on Saturday. Three of them suffered from abdominal cramps due to exhaustion. They received care on the spot, while two expecting women required long-term monitoring. One of them was transported to the clinic in Szeged [South-Hungarian city – transl], but was released after an ultra sound, stated the director of emergency.

Krisztian Ursinyi also offered details about the new foreign alien registration facility: he stated that the conditions are much better and a special medical room had been added. At the facility, patients are examined by a police physician and volunteers from the Red Cross are also available to tend to the sick. This way, the primary work left for the emergency personnel is to provide assistance to cases at the assembly points or immediately by the border.



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