Iranian Man Attacking Police Medic Expelled

Author: Áron Kovács Original title: Kiutasították a rendőrorvosra támadó iráni férfit
Publication: Date: 9:05 07/09/2015

Iranian Man Attacking Police Medic Expelled

The Iranian man who attacked a doctor handling his son on Thursday was granted a suspended prison sentence.

The Prosecutor’s Office made the Iranian man who attacked a doctor in the medical section of the Röszke hangar (officially, the alien policing station) stand before court– the prosecutor’s office writes in a statement.

Despite the medic’s continued efforts to calm him, the defendant twisted his arm back and shoved him by the shoulder so that he fell on his back and onto boxes of medicine. Fortunately, no injury ensued.

In the course of the trial for the crime of violence against a person in official standing, the defendant was sentenced to 1 year 6 months’ imprisomnent (suspended for a period of 4 years probation) and expelled from the country for 5 years.


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