Péter ERDŐ answered to the Pope

Author: Zsóka Polák Original title: ERDŐ PÉTER VÁLASZOLT A PÁPÁNAK
Publication: nullker.hu Date: 07/09/2015

Péter ERDŐ answered to the Pope

Cardinal Péter Erdő answered the request of Pope Francis and ensured Catholic Church leaders that Hungarian communities will strive to follow the direction set out for them the Pope.

On Sunday Pope Frances called upon the religious communities of Europe to help refugee families.

(HRC’s note: because it is widely publicized in the international media we did not make an EN translation on this issue ourselves, we offer a link to the The Washington Post’s article instead as an example for background information:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/refugees-keep-streaming-into-europe-as-crisis-continues-unabated/2015/09/06/8a330572-5345-11e5-b225-90edbd49f362_story.html )

The Czechs almost immediately responded with an assurance of their cooperation, but there hasn’t been a reaction from Hungary yet.

Cardinals Péter Erdő and András Veress then replied to the Pope’s announcement in a letter:

“Our Holy Father,

We are grateful for your words before Sunday’s Angelus. Your request about receiving and helping refugees will be followed by us with happiness and keenness. Your words provide great fortification and encouragement to us in our ongoing efforts. We thank you for leading us on the Evangelic way and for setting the direction of righteousness. We are ask your prayers for justice and peace and for the needy as well as for all those who are helping them.”

 [ Previous HRC materials on this issue:

Hungarian Cardinal Peter Erdo has recently been widely criticized because of his statement of last week in which he described helping refugees as “people-trafficking”. Read more about this in this translated article and from the Guardian.

The Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma begged to differ.

A Hungarian woman left the Catholic Church because of this issue.

Some disputed the legal background of Erdő’s statement.

Cardinal Erdo later responded to critics.]

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