Refugee crisis declared by law

Author: MTI Original title: Jogilag rögzítették a menekültügyi válságot
Publication: MTI/HR portál Date: 07/09/2015

Refugee crisis declared by law

There is a refugee crisis in Hungary – this has been declared in a law on mass migration accepted on Friday, said Minister of Justice László Trócsányi in an interview to Radio Kossuth’s show titled Vasárnapi Újság (Sunday News) on Sunday. He explained this measure will speed up possible legislative procedures and provide a license for authorities to take measures within the framework of the Constitution.

The minister of justice recalled that both the Schengen Borders Code on border control and the Geneva Treaty on asylum declare that illegal border crossings are not permitted and are thus to be sanctioned.

He elaborated that by legally declaring the refugee crisis, it becomes possible to designate transit zones on the borders. At the checkpoints set up in transit zones, refugees will be able to sign up, register and file an asylum application, there the employees of the Office for Immigration and Nationality will examine the application, issue a decision – which may be contested before the court – said László Trócsányi; while adding that the Szeged Court of Public Administration and Labour has competence over the review of the public administrative decision issued in the transit zones.

The Minister of Justice also explained that in the new law, punishment for human trafficking has been raised to act as a deterrent more than it did so far.

László Trócsányi said that those who refuse to cooperate or do not wish to comply with regulations, those who omit registration for example, will face prosecution and expulsion according to the new legislation. A consequence of expulsion is that the person in question is banned from reentering the country for a determined period of time. According to Mr. Trócsányi, law enforcement authorities will also need to change their attitude and apply expulsion more readily than so far.

He also pointed out that the new legislation makes it easier for police and public administration to operate more efficiently, especially in the border regions.

The Minister trusts that the government, the police, the court and the Prosecutor’s office will be able to manage the refugee crisis effectively.

The Minister noted as well that it is impossible to know what phase the wave of refugees is in, which, come winter, shall shift to the land routes. The Balkans will face an increasingly difficult situation, therefore it is necessary for European to observe the region more attentively – (the Minister of Justice – ed.) declared in the radio show.

According to Mr Trócsányi there is a need for a national consensus concerning the refugee crisis, for the government to receive the necessary support of the opposition.

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