The Refugee Convoy Made it to Austria Without Obstacles

Author: Rényi Pál Dániel Original title: Akadálytalanul átért Ausztriába a menekültkonvoj
Publication: Date: 23:38 06/09/2015

The Refugee Convoy Made It to Austria Without Obstacles

Approximately 50 cars left Nickelsdorf without being held back and are on their way to the Westbahnhof (Western Railway Station – transl.) of Vienna. We were able to reach Vanda Szondi, reporter of RTL Klub, who is travelling with the convoy, and who confirmed that the authorities did not inspect and did not prevent the transit of the convoy through the border.

Additional cars arrived, altogether approximately 140, to Hungary from Austria to help the refugees cross the Hungarian-Austrian border, but some of these headed to Vamosszabadi and Gyor (West-Hungarian towns – transl.). The biggest contingent arrived in Budapest and left again for Vienna early Sunday evening.


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