Hundreds are stranded in the cold near Röszke collection point for the night

Author: Gergely Koroknai Original title: Százak rekedtek éjszakára a röszkei gyűjtőpontnál a hidegben
Publication: Date: 00:32 08/09/2015

Hundreds are stranded in the cold near Röszke collection point for the night

Approximately 500 refugees are stranded near Röszke collection point, who are facing the night without any supplies – report civilians on site. Half of the crowd are women and children, and the number of people are growing as authorities are directing everyone there from the surrounding areas. Those who set off earlier on the M5 motorway ( towards Budapest – trans.) are also taken back there.

They are not allowed to leave the collection point, not even towards the refugee camp at Röszke, which means they will have to spend the night on a field, where temperatures are expected to fall later as low as 4 Celsius. They can expect no official supplies, whatever they have, civilians provided for them. They can not go to Röszke camp, because it is said to be completely full: when civilians tried to take a woman with a heart condition, this is what they were told by police on site.

Earlier there were news, that the people setting off on the motorway were picked up by buses and taken to Röszke camp, but it is now certain that some of them were taken to the collection point, we were informed by people there. Volunteers on site are asking for any sort of help, first of all tents, torches, thermo-foil, blankets, sleeping bags, warm tea, warm clothes and medicine.


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