If I were the Prime Minister

Author: kjá Original title: Ha én lennék a miniszterelnök
Publication: kissjuditagnes.blog.hu Date: 14:46 04/09/2015

If I were the Prime Minister

If I were the prime minister of Hungary, I would have made a speech well before the (dodgy) blue ballot elec… or in fact before the blue poster campaign – or rather instead of it. It would go something like this,

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends,

The time for Hungary to act has come. Now, that masses of people are starting on their journey from the Mid-East to escape war, poverty or dictatorship, we can show that we belong to Europe not only for geographic and historical reasons, but also because of our policies and culture.

These people have left their homes in the hope that civilized Europe is going to accept and receive them, and is able to provide them with a more humane environment. Hungary knows what war is, remembers deprivation and hardships, is aware of the nature of dictatorships. But it is standing in the cross-fire. On one hand, she needs to defend not only her own country but the European Union as well from those illegally crossing the borders. On the other hand, our Christianity and humaneness obliges us to look after refugees and welcome them with love. It has been unprecedented for our homeland so far to see so many people arriving and asking for asylum. So we have a lot to do before they reach our borders.
It is possible that the increasing amount of administration might cause some hindrance – please let me ask you, ladies and gentlemen and my dear friends, to be patient with the refugees arriving in our country, not speaking our tongue, just like with the authorities that are trying to keep order.

We have suggested calling an extraordinary conference in the European Parliament so as to find a joint solution for the flood of refugees. It is time for us to give top priority to joint interests in place of our own comfort. For whoever may put any political interest ahead of the security of innocent people is committing a crime. And as a Persian saying goes, ’there is only a breadth of hair separating politics from sin’. And what we would like is for this breadth of hair to be thicker.

Hungary has started to get ready to receive refugees. On the southern border, we are going to reinforce the presence of the frontier guard units and set up reception centers where everyone would be able to receive food and drinks, shelter and medical assistance. This is where fingerprints would be taken, documents made and applications for asylum handed in.
Refugees can wait for their requests to be assessed and judged in camps formed in different parts of the country. We have already started to reconstruct abandoned Soviet barracks for this purpose. In the camps, we are planning to launch language courses in English, German and Hungarian and those who have undergone severe traumas can get help from psychologists as well. Let me ask for the assistance of charity organisations and civilians. We are also counting on the support of volunteers in all areas to help and provide for the refugees.

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends,

We are facing a huge task. We need to prove that humanity exist in this world, and we are ready to do all it takes, so that not a single refugee’s life would be threatened and no child would need to live in fear.

Long live Hungary, long live Hungarians!


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