National TV channel and court daily incite fear online with fake photos

Author: kasnyikm Original title: Neten terjedő kamufotóval kelt félelmet az állami tévé és az udvari napilap
Publication:  , MTI Fotó – Bodnár Boglárka Date: 17:34 08/09/2015

National TV channel and court daily incite fear online with fake photos

For weeks a pair of photos have been spread on the internet, showing a man with a machine gun (captioned: ISIS, 2013), then entering Europe two years later in a green  “THANK YOU”
T-shirt. An incredible number of people have shared them without knowing anything of their context, but generally saying that this proves that terrorists are infiltrating Europe.

These pictures were selected and published by Magyar Idők (Hungarian Times – a new government-friendly newspaper – trans.), strictly citing an Assad-friendly “Syrian Christian” Facebook group, and then made the news on M1 (the national news channel – trans) without questions asked, with the slightly inciting lead: “HAVE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS ARRIVED TO EUROPE?”

But the story was picked up by Blikk, too. And even by Gáspár Orbán (son of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán – trans.) himself.

The man in the pictures, however, was interviewed by AP, a source a thousand times more authentic and reliable than Magyar Idők or the Hungarian Public Service Media, in mid-August. In the interview, it became clear that he was a leader of the Syrian rebels. (The photo in the green T-shirt was also taken at the interview.) He fought in the Free Syrian Army against the Assad-friendly Syrian forces, but also against ISIS-type terrorists. He survived a rocket hit, and lost his family and home. He is not safe, and that is why he fled to the continent.

However easy it may be to call young, brown-skinned men with a machine gun terrorists, we could, at least in the present exacerbated situation, be a bit more careful.


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