News Summary: Chaos at Roszke, Migrants on the M5 Motorway

News Summary: Chaos at Roszke, Migrants on the M5 Motorway

Original title: Káosz Röszkénél, migránsok az M5-ön – összefoglaló
Publication: Date: 22:07 07/09/2015


The migrant crisis continued throughout Monday. Though there were fewer refugees visible in the Keleti Railway Station, in part because of the resumption of direct international train service in the direction of Austria and Germany, tensions ran high in Roszke, where on several occasions refugees tried to break away and prompted the police to use tear gas in an attempt to halt them. In the meantime, a new wave of migrants moves on from Serbia. The debate in Europe also continued about mandatory quotas, and about holding the Austrian and the German borders open. A summary of today’s events follows.

– By Monday morning, cars of the Austrian convoy rescuing refugees left the country [of Hungary – transl.], but in Roszke as well as Budapest, many spent the cold night under the open sky.

– In the morning, the Hungarian Railway Company (MAV) resumed non-stop train service in the direction of Austria and Germany. Service on these lines had been suspended since Thursday.

– A wave of refugees larger than any of the previous reached Serbia: Hungary’s southern neighbour saw the arrival of 5,000 migrants from Sunday afternoon to Monday at dawn.

– “Do not come; we Hungarians cannot be responsible if you find your grave in the waves: do not risk the lives of your children” – this was the message Viktor Orban asked Hungarian ambassadors to deliver to the refugees.

– A group of 200 refugees broke out of the Roszke collection centre in the morning. Police surrounded them and, with the help of interpreters, managed to calm down to some extent those awaiting registration.

– At around 1 in the afternoon they tried to break out of the Roszke collection centre once again. This time a group numbering somewhere between 100 to 150 got fed up with being held there – they had been waiting for over a day and a half. The camp is at full capacity.

– Early in the afternoon, the spokesperson of the German government said that Germany will not provide answers at this time to questions about how long it plans to keep its borders open. Earlier Austria also announced that they have been continuing their practice of foregoing inspections at the Hungarian border.

– At a press conference held in front of the fence in Roszke this afternoon, Bence Tuzson, spokesman for the (Hungarian governing – trans.) Fidesz party, told reporters that the amendments to the Hungarian immigration law will go into effect on 15 September, and this will bring a real solution to the situation.

– After 5 in the afternoon, the situation became increasingly chaotic in Roszke; the refugees broke out of the collection centre several times. The police tried to move them in the direction of the registration point, but several hundred people ran onto the M5 motorway instead.

– Around 6 in the evening, chaos ensued at a traffic circle near the collection centre, and the police employed teargas. Later those who remained at this location were successfully convinced to move toward the registration centre.

– Late in the afternoon, the resignation of Hungarian Defence Minister Csaba Hende was announced. Though the precise reason behind his decision is not known, he gave in his resignation after a review of the border-blockade by the national security committee.

– Viktor Orban and Janos Lazar paid a surprise visit Monday night to Morahalom at the southern section of the border. They met with soldiers and policemen deployed at the border, but not with refugees.

– Around half past nine in the evening, one group was still walking on the M5 motorway. Special police forces at the location asked them to wait for the buses that would transport them to the registration centre.


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