Swedish entrust donations to Hungarian girl as government is no help

Author: plankog Original title: Egy magyar lányra bízzák a svédek, hogy segítsen a menekülteknek, ha már a kormány nem tud
Publication: 444.hu Date: 15:47 06/09/2015


Swedish entrust donations to Hungarian girl as government is no help

What started with a comment to a Facebook post, quickly escalated to be a 1.8 million Hungarian forints’ (about 6.000 Euros’) donation in 2 days. This is how the Swedish reacted to the Hungarian refugee crisis, and volunteer Zsófia Szabó has become the face of Hungarian helpfulness.
Zsófia commented on a post of one of her Facebook friends, Zsolt Czinkóczky, a filmmaker living in Sweden. Zsolt wrote that he and his friends would be happy to donate money to help the refugees, but “not through the bureaucrats of a charity organization”. They would prefer to give directly to a civilian who is actively helping. “My Swedish Facebook friends were urgently looking for a channel to ease the migrants’ hardships, given that Hungarian authorities failed to react humanely and effectively to one of the biggest global crises of our time,” said Zsolt.
Zsófia let him know she was on her way to Keleti Railway station in Budapest. She expected around €50-100 to arrive to her bank account (a few tens of thousands of Haungarian forints). However, the post became so popular that close to 1.000.000 Forints (around 3.000 Euros) were transferred to Zsófia’s bank account within a few hours.
She was given complete freedom in spending it.
Zsófia went to the railway station where thousands of migrants had been waiting for the train, and saw that they needed blankets the most (which we can confirm based on our experience at the scene). This happened on Friday, when the situation was at its bleakest, before they announced that buses would be deployed to transport refugees to the Austrian border. Zsófia went and bought 100 blankets and 100 polyfoam matrasses, which she distributed among the refugees waiting at the station. This first load disappeared in no time at all. Her story was broadcast on the Swedish television channel TV4 on Friday night (which was also aired in Norway) and the donation soon reached 1.8 million HUF (around 6.000 Euros). Zsófia has become a big favorite among Swedish Facebook users and a welcome antidote to the dire opinion the West has about the Hungarian government.
Zsófia has not spent the bulk of the donation yet; she is cooperating with volunteer organizations to see how it can be used the most efficiently. Blankets are no longer scarce and the situation at the Eastern Railway station in Budapest has improved significantly, but the story is far from being over. She will probably decide to help medics with an ECG device, which is desperately needed.
She had never worked with refugees as a volunteer before, but says that it is something you only have to start once. She is all the more sympathetic to the refugees’ plight as her grandmother was also a refugee of the 1956 Hungarian revolution.


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