Tagesspiegel (Berlin) stands up for Hungary on cover page

Tagesspiegel (Berlin) stands up for Hungary on cover page

Author: Somogyi Dorottya Original title: Címlapon védi Magyarországot a berlini Tagesspiel
Publication: vs.hu Date: 15:08 06/09/2015

The criticism of Hungary is unfair. Germany is using double standards in the question of European solidarity with refugees – says one of the chief editors of the Berlin Tagesspiegel on the website of the daily.

Orban may be justifiably criticised for his views on human rights and democracy, but it is not fair to bench Hungary and other Central / Eastern European countries, while exempting the former Western European countries, which deserve the criticism even more – opines Christoph von Marschall, the chief editor and Washington correspondent of the daily, in his editorial.

The Dublin Regulation may be inappropriate or out-dated; yet, according to it, the country where the asylum-seeker first enters the territory of the EU is responsible for their registration. To the contrary, in the first half of 2015, 170 000 asylum seekers were registered out of the 400 000 in Germany, and this is followed by Hungary with 66,500 registrations, while there were 30,000 registrations in both Italy and France, and only 6,000 in Greece –von Marschall goes on to list the data of Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. Accordingly, Hungary has done its share tenfold in the registrations with respect to its population; and Poland also takes in refugees despite its not being a target country.

According to the numbers and the reactions in Germany, those countries which allow the refugees to cross, like Greece and Italy, are viewed positively; but those who try to stick to the rules are sent to the dunce’s seat. Moreover, the refugees might believe that they can freely choose the asylum-providing country – von Marschall writes, and the article concludes that due to the fact that perhaps as much as one million refugees may arrive to Germany until the end of the year, it will need allies to be able to keep the rules of the European Union.


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