UN Tired of Hungary’s Incompetence

Author:  nol.hu Original title:  Az ENSZ megunta Orbánék töketlenkedését
Publication:  nol.hu Date: 15:16 07/09/2015

UN Tired of Hungary’s Incompetence

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is buying tents for refugees sleeping under the open sky near Szeged [South-Hungarian town – transl.]. The High Commission allocated a significant amount for the purpose from its own budget. They have purchased the tents for families spending the night on the ground from one of the largest chain stores carrying sport equipments.

“The Hungarian government has been unable to supply adequate provision and accommodation to the refugees,” said Erno Simon, spokesperson for the Hungarian bureau of the UNHCR. “The primary consideration here is the human being. It should not be the case that mothers, women caring for babies and children end up sleeping under the open sky as they are waiting for buses to transport them. Their health and human dignity comes before anything.”

During the last few days, some families spent the night on the cornfields surrounding the gathering and registration station at Roszke. Either the buses did not reach them in time or space was not available for them in the containers. Some were left to start a campfire to avoid catching a cold.

“We can’t go on being onlookers of this situation, this is why we decided to buy quick-to-assemble tents using our own budget. These will be delivered to the refugees tonight so that they won’t have to spend the night in the wind and the rain,” quotes Erno Simon the decision of the UNHCR.

In the meantime, Migration Aid dispatched two trucks carrying sleeping bags, warm clothes, foam pads and blankets. These will also be distributed among the families sleeping under the stars with the help of UNHCR staff already on location.

Last night close to 1000 refugees reached Hungary through the border. Most of them spent hours, during evenings as long as half a day, at gathering points – under the open sky.


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