Hungarian bishop to side with Orbán against Pope Francis

Author: Original title:  Orbán mellé állt a pápával szemben a magyar püspök
Publication: Date: 13:30 08/09/2015

Hungarian bishop to side with Orbán against the Pope 

Tensions heightened within the Hungarian Catholic Church after Cardinal Péter ERDŐ and the Hungarian Episcopal Conference welcomed the call of Pope Francis to offer sanctuary for refugees, while the of Bishop Szeged-Csanád (southern Hungary trans.) claimed in an interview to Washington Post that the head of the Roman Catholic Church had no idea about the real situation in Hungary.

On Sunday, Pope Francis called on all European parishes, monasteries and religious communities to take in refugee families. He also announced that the two Vatican parishes will also champion this initiative. According to a quick calculation of Angelo Bagnasco, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, if each of the more than 27 thousand Italian parishes were to house a family of refugees, they could help more than a hundred thousand people.

The Vatican has taken on two refugee families so far who are to be accommodated in apartments owned by the city-state and will have access to healthcare and financial aid.

A war of words

Cardinal Péter ERDŐ Cardinal, Primate,  Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest and former president of the  Hungarian Episcopal Conference together with his conference-presidential successor András VERES, Bishop of Szombathely, responded to Pope Francis’ call in a letter which says the Hungarian Catholic Church is ready and happy to answer the call.

Then a response to the press release by the Cardinal and the Episcopate came from an unexpected source. In an interview to The Washington Post, László KISS-RIGÓ, Bishop of Szeged-Csanád stated that “the Pope has no idea about the Hungarian situation and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor ORBÁN is right to say that refugees present a grave threat to the continent’s Christian, universal values.”

In his view people arriving in this “invasion of immigrants”  are no refugees as they “come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ and they want to take over”, he said. “Most of them behave in a very arrogant and cynical manner (…), they leave rubbish after themselves and refuse the food offered. They are also unworthy of support because most of them have money” – he added.


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