Balog: We secretly issued citizenship to one thousand eastern Christian families

Author:  MTI Original title: Balog: Titokban adtunk állampolgárságot ezer keleti keresztény családnak
Publication:, Photo: MTI,  Zoltán Gergely Kelemen Date: 21:47 08/09/2015

Balog: We secretly issued citizenship to one thousand eastern Christian families

Zoltán Balog: Hungarian Human Resources Minister defended the refugee policy of the Hungarian government in Paris stating that in 2013-2014 the country took in and issued citizenships to one thousand Christian families from Iraq and Egypt without making it public. He then proceeded to repeat the words of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, i.e. refugees are not welcome here.

Zoltan Balog, Hungarian Human Resources Minister, speaking from a conference in Paris with the participation of 56 countries and 11 international organizations brought together to aid minorities persecuted in the Middle East, said that Hungary safely took in and gave citizenship to one thousand families from Iraq and Egypt in 2013-2014 while also giving them the possibility of returning home at any time. According to Balog, the families were approved by the government based on the confirmation of local Christian leaders. He added that they were persecuted and had no choice but to flee.

At the conference Balog also stated that many want to show that the construction of the fence along the Hungarian border was an inhuman act and that, “the real fight is not between inhumanity and humanity but between those who know what they want and those who are clueless.” The minister thinks that the majority of Europe’s leaders seem to belong to the latter category. They don’t know what message to send to the refugees and thus they “breed chaos while sending mixed messages such as, ‘come but don’t come’.”

“We clearly state that we do not welcome them, as it makes no sense. We must help them (migrants) stay where they are and we must make a clear distinction between economic migrants and refugees, whom we have always helped and will continue to do so,” said the minister. “However, we do not want to be illegally forced by others to turn our country into a refugee camp and we think that it also poses a severe threat to Europe.”

At the conference French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius made a donation of 25 million Euros on behalf of France in order to establish a fund to support repatriation, build schools, and reconstruct homes.

According to Zoltán Balog, better information flow must be ensured and measures must be taken against human trafficking to avoid middle class citizens wasting their wealth on “being transported here to Europe for nothing.”

The UN Security Council decided during their meeting in March to organize the conference which will be followed by another one in Spain in early 2016.


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