Juncker: Volunteers working at the railway stations of Hungary are the real European citizens

Author: magyarip Original title: Juncker: A magyar pályaudvarok önkéntesei az igazi európaiak
Publication: 444.hu , Photo: MTI – Csaba Krizsán Date: 11:48 09/09/2015

Juncker: Volunteers working at the railway stations of Hungary are the real European citizens

“It is Europe today that represents a place of hope and a haven of stability in the eyes of men and women in the Middle East – this is something to be proud of and not something to fear!” – said Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, in the European Parliament on Wednesday morning.

“Europe is those Hungarians lending a helping hand at the railway stations of Hungary, Europe is those in Munich applauding and welcoming refugees. You are the real Europe, you represent the Europe I want to live in!” He added that those people who set fire to refugee camps, who pushed the boats of refugees back from the piers or turned a blind eye to poor and helpless people, those people do not represent Europe.

“Do we really want to have families sleeping at railway stations, in tents or on the shores of Europe during winter?” He claimed that all the refugees should be accommodated in respect for their human dignity. “Our first priority today in this crisis is humanity.”

During his State of the Union address, the President of the European Commission talked mostly about the refugee crisis. He sternly and passionately appealed to the member states of the EU to accept refugees in their countries and started his address by saying, “We are not in a good place. The bell tolls. The time has come. There is a lack of Europe in the European Union and there is a lack of Union in the European Union. That has to change, and it has to change now.”

According to Juncker it is a moral duty and a rational demand upon Europe to give refuge to those fleeing their countries because of wars and dictatorships.

According to President Juncker

  • Migration has to be legalized in Europe in order to avoid having to talk about illegal migrants.
  • Common legislation should provide the basis for determining who is a refugee; as a first step, on the basis of their country of origin. A common EU list of safe countries has to be drawn up.
  • There is an urgent need to distribute 160,000 people, mostly from Italy, Greece and Hungary, among the EU member states.
  • Each EU Member State has to take part in the distribution of refugees and burden sharing.
  • He did not mention quotas, however, he suggested that there should be a permanent and unambiguous asylum mechanism to distribute refugees among member states. This mechanism should replace the Dublin III regulation, which is still in force. It has however, proven to be unfit.
  • It is unacceptable to make a distinction between refugees on the basis of their religion and it is not possible to help only Christians. Such a mentality reminds us of the most terrible times of Europe.
  • The external borders of the EU have to be secured jointly. However, our goal is not to close our borders, but to provide an organized and transparent way of accepting refugees.
  • Unambiguous legal channels of migration have to be opened in order to fight against human traffickers.
  • From the first day of their arrival, refugees should be provided with a work permit in order to help them regain their human dignity and enable them to become useful members of the European societies.
  • More substantial financial help should be allocated to countries close to the war zones, primarily Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, as the highest burden falls on them. As a first step, the European Commission has set up a fund of EUR 1.8 billion, to which each EU member state should make its contribution.

Europe, where all the nations have already been refugees

Europe is the most stable continent in the world; it is the land of peace and security; however, masses of people were fleeing from their countries within Europe a couple of decades ago: in the 90s from the former Yugoslavia, in ’68 from Czechoslovakia, in ’56 from Hungary, after the Second World War there were 16 million refugees in Europe. Juncker reminded his listeners of the fact that there are more people named McDonald living outside of Scotland than in it and of when the 16th century Huguenots fleeing from France were accepted by some countries. “This continent should never forget how torturing it is when somebody has to flee from his country.”

Refugees, who have been arriving in our countries recently, represent 0,11% of the total European Union population. In Lebanon, by comparison, refugees represent 25% of the population. “How can we be so egoistic that we worry over such a low number?”

“We are fighting against the Islamic State. Why are we not ready to accept those who are fleeing the Islamic State?”- he asked.

Mr. Juncker indignantly reprimanded the member states which have been finger-pointing each other and blaming each other for not doing enough or in time or for not respecting the relevant EU legislation.

He also reminded his listeners of the fact that there is a demographic crisis in Europe because of which migration should be regarded as potential, not as a problem.

President Juncker, therefore, announced a program completely contradictory to that of the Hungarian government.


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