The camerawoman who kicked refugees will not apologise

Author: Kalasgy Original title: Nem kér bocsánatot a menekülteket rugdosó operatőr
Publication: , Photo: MTI – Gergely Kelemen Zoltán Date: 08:34 10/09/2015

The camerawoman who kicked refugees will not apologise

Petra László was considered a professional and moderate person by her colleagues. Yet she made Hungary infamous worldwide when she kicked a running child in the knee and tripped up a man fleeing with a small child in his arms at Röszke (Location of a refugee camp in Hungary – translator)

“I am stunned. I consider Petra László a level-headed and professional woman. I don’t know what happened, she visited Röszke several times before, she has been covering the refugee situation for weeks. Unfortunately, I can’t read my colleagues’ minds. She should have known very well not to act like that” – said Szabolcs Kisberk, former supervisor of the Röszke refugee-kicker Petra László to (Hungarian tabloid – translator) Bors. The N1TV camerawoman was fired immediately after the incident. Her former boss expressed his strongest disapproval of her actions to Bors.

Petra László had been working as a camerawoman for twenty years. She had worked for Echo TV and MTV (Hungarian moderate right-wing channel + Hungarian State channels-translator) as well. Even though her actions caused outrage worldwide, so far she has not been willing to apologise. She turned her phone off instead and refused to talk publicly about the incident, in spite of admitting to her acquaintances on Tuesday night that she had kicked the refugees. At that time, she was not able to explain her act.

The footage of the incident was featured in media worldwide. In a cartoon, it was linked to the image of the drowned three-year-old.

As we reported yesterday, prejudicial motivation is without a doubt a feature of Petra László’s act. According to the Helsinki Committee

“because various camera recordings show her kicking several people, there is a reasonable suspicion of multiple counts of assault against members of a community (Hungarian legal equivalent of a hate crime – translator)  for which she could be sentenced to 1 to 7.5 years of imprisonment.”


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