Donations have arrived in Budapest

Author: Christina Quist Original title: Hjelpesending frame Budapest
Publication: Date: 23:15 07/09/2015

Donations have arrived in Budapest

Monday afternoon an envoy of three cars arrived in Budapest. The content was three tons of goods for the Syrian refugees in Budapest.

BUDAPEST: Give us a helping hand!, Anna Pasztor shouts.
The volunteers line up immediately in the run-down building, and quickly start emptying the car. A short hour later they have emptied the car from Mandal, (southern – trans.) Norway, all bags sorted in piles. In a corner, there are thin matresses, half the way to the ceiling, Another room is filled with diapers and sanitary items.
We opened this location two days ago to take care of all the things given to the refugees, Pasztor says. We are a group of several musicians who decided to help. (Anna Pasztor is the singer of the popular band, Anna and the Barbies. – trans.) This help is incredible, and these three people came all the way from Norway to help.

Out of proportion
Dramatic scenes took place last week at the Keleti railway station, in the Hungarian city of Budapest. Several thousand refugees had made it across the Hungarian borders. Many continued on foot to Austria, several thousand people were stranded in different railway stations, while others were in camps along the border.

I can´t do much, but I can do a little. That is more than nothing, says Victorie Hille (26) from Mandal.

Hille is studying in Budapest. At home in Norway, she used her Facebook account to ask for warm clothing for the refugees, as she had room in her car. Hill lives near the Keleti station, and wished to contribute as much as she could. At the time, she did not realise what she had just started. In the end, she had to ask people to stop. She had already filled her own car, and two more cars, with sanitary items, shoes, blankets, all kinds of clothing – all together three thousand kilos.

It has been overwhelming, and we got so much help from volunteers here. It is surreal, Hille says.

Some of the stuff was put back in the car and immediately driven away, Johnny Haugland says. The need is great.

The authorities do very little.
The people from Mandal were received by a representative of Migration Aid, Marta Varga.
We have to admit that the Hungarian authorities have done little so far. This exodus started several months ago. The refugees are of Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi origin.
She tells us that help is not organised at an official level. All help depends on volunteers. The authorities do nothing. So they let the refugees stay at the railway station, but the refugees need help. They arrive empty-handed.


More than 59 million people are fleeing from war and conflict today.

There are three main reasons for the increase in Europe:

  • The war in Syria, in its fifth year now.
  • No help from neighboring countries: 4 million have fled to Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey. They can take no more.
  • In the last year, 90% of Syrian refugees have fled to Turkey. 1.9 million Syrians are now in Turkey. It is an impossible task to give everyone the help they need. Many of them now try to get to Europe.

(Numbers of refugees)
Four million have fled Syria.
75% are women and children.

1,938,999 are in Turkey
1,113,941 are in Lebanon
629,245 are in Lebanon
249,463 are in Iraq
132,375 are in Egypt

At least 7.6 million are refugees within Syria (internally displaced)
220.000 people have been killed, according to the UN.

12.2 million people in Syria are in need of humanitarian help because of the civil war.

Help Save the Children, the Red Cross and Medecines sans Frontiers save refugees in the Mediterranean Sea and in countries welcoming the refugees.

Use social media, share information, support the refugees.

Engage with the refugees where you are, ask your community to accept more refugees.

Friday a migrant died after being chased by the police in Bicske. He fell and crushed his head on the railway track.

This year, almost 340,000 refugees entered the EU in the first seven months.
According to the UNCHR, 226,000 crossed the sea. Most of them part from Libya and land in Italy or Greece.

More than 2,300 refugees have drowned.

According to the UNHCR, they are fleeing from war, conflicts and persecution.

More than 30% of the boat refugees landing in Greece and Italy are Syrians. The next largest numbers are from Afghanistan and Eritrea.

This exodus is called the biggest human catastrophe since World War 2.
Last year 219,000 refugees crossed the sea. The year before that it was only 60,000.

In the last three months, more than 1000 Syrians have asked for asylum in Norway. They come on top of the 8000 refugees Norway have already accepted.
(Norway has a total population of 5 million. – trans.)

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