Lázár: no transit zones are built on the border

Author: hvg.hu Original title: Lázár: Nem épülnek tranzitzónák a határon
Publication: hvg.hu Date: 14:38 10/09/2015

Lázár: no transit zones are built on the border

Hungary provides help for everybody within the framework of the State, however this is only for migrants who cooperate, said the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office at his usual press conference. He explained in detail the new era starting on September 15th and said that on Interior Minister Sándor Pintér’s proposition the crisis situation will be announced on that day.

The fence defending the border may be ready one month before the deadline. A railway gate will be built at Röszke. Lázár and he thanked all the civilians for their support at the venues of the crisis. However, he was quite hurt when he talked about criticism towards Hungary concerning the refugee situation, and Germany’s attitude.

The number of refugees reached a peak on Wednesday: 3321 people entered the border

  • There will be no transit zone open towards Serbia in Hungary
  • Lázár says the government’s work is not to be criticized, they cannot track down all the false reports fast enough.
  • A situation designed to address the crisis will be announced on September 15, from that time the police and the army will defend the border. They cannot use weapons.
  • There will be two types of people on the border: those, who have submitted their asylum request (the state will provide for them), and those waiting at the border, they will be provided for with the help of NGOs.
  • János Lázár, the Minister leading the Prime Minister’s Office talked about the latest government measures at the Government informational press conference on Thursday. He apologized for being late which was due to the fact that the meeting assessing the situation took too long. According to the situation at noon, 176,000 migrants have arrived in Hungary with 90,000 arriving in the past 52 days, thus Hungary had to face extra challenges from July.

Transportation of the refugees from the Győr Railway Station to Vámosszabadi is continuous, and around Keleti Railway Station almost two thousand people are waiting to be able to go further. He said that at Röszke there were approximately 1600 people around noon, a bigger group arrived around half past noon and they were taken immediately to Vámosszabadi.

The 3321 entries through the border was a peak yesterday. The international press has also been vigilant for the past few days in covering the “migration crisis”. Lázár says the government’s work cannot be criticized, they just cannot track down all the false reports quickly enough. We are dealing with the establishment of entry conditions we have no time for opinions based on deceiving news releases, he said.

Concerning human treatment Lázár says it is not only a duty of the government based on EU agreements, but a moral obligation as well. In 2013 and 2014 about a thousand Christian families from the Middle East were taken in by Hungary. Hungary provides help for everybody within the framework of the state, but it is only open for cooperating migrants. The system provides serious care for those, who arrive here.

The Hungarian State is also obliged to keep up order and avoid chaos in the country. This can only happen, if those who arrive here keep the Hungarian laws. These laws do not include providing tents for those who sit down on the motorways, “so we do not take help to the people, but take the people to the places where we provide help”, the minister said where care is provided for everybody in the camps.

He says any criticism concerning this is false and deceiving. “Solidarity is requested from us by those from whom we receive no solidarity”, he said.

He thanked each Hungarian citizen for their support and for helping the authorities and the refugees. He said the representatives of two big charitable organizations had visited Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and the government offered cooperation to them as well as to the Hungarian Red Cross so that those waiting at the border received appropriate care.

The crisis situation may come after September 15th

On September 15th at 0 o’clock a new procedure will begin. Those who arrive at the official entry point to submit their asylum request they receive legal protection and accommodation until their request is decided upon. This procedure will take a maximum of 12 days, with appeals a maximum of two weeks. In Germany this procedure takes one year. Hungary regards Serbia and Greece safe States as well so this will be governing in case migrants want to proceed through those states.

Another modification will affect the entry through the border. In addition to the technical border closure the police and, if necessary the army, will protect the borders as well as the changes in criminal proceedings. The construction of the border fence will proceed at extra speed and the deadline might be met one month earlier with 10 kilometres having been built recently. The three and a half to four meter high fence might be suitable to defend the country, especially if there are policemen on guard at all times.

By that time a railway gate will be built in Röszke as it was reported earlier by Népszabadság.

Lazar said that it is not known whether after September 15th the same amount of people would be arriving in Hungary so the government, at least as the Minister implied, does not know what would happen in this new situation. The only thing that is certain is that it takes time until the changes take place.

On September 15th the government may announce the crisis situation, when the legislation effective from that date allow it. Before that the proposition of the Interior Minister Sándor Pintér will be heard concerning the matter. It is certain that neither the soldiers nor the policemen will receive orders to fire. This was also confirmed by Lázár when it was asked what would happen if there is a huge crowd on the other side of the border who try to get into the country by force. The minister said it will be the duty of policemen and soldiers “to defend the country, defend the homeland”, but that they cannot use weapons against unarmed masses.

Lazar said that on Monday evening they inspected the fence with Viktor Orbán and that law enforcement had provided sufficient material for the construction. They hope that those who come to Hungary from September 15th will change their itinerary or, if not, they will apply at the official points of entry. Therefore registration will be provided at the most external border of the country.

Interior Minister Sándor Pintér met the Serbian Interior Minister concerning this matter. There will be people waiting on the Serbian side for registration in Hungary and Serbia will also have to take its share in their accommodation. The government also asked for the help of the ecumenical church. There might be hundreds, or even thousands, Lázár said, who will wait to enter there in spite of the circumstances. They can only ask NGOs to help them. The points operated by the Office of Immigration and Nationality will be near the borderline.

It is only a logistical question where those seeking asylum receive care either near the border or in a refugee camp.

Receiving stations will expand after September 15th. There will be no transit zone open towards Serbia in Hungary, he said in response to a question. Administrative points will be provided at the border with better services than before. Answering a question he said they do not plan to close the refugee camps in Debrecen or Bicske.

There will be two types of people on the border: those, who have submitted their asylum request and those, who are waiting at the border and they will be provided for by NGOs. Nobody can tell in advance, according to Lázár, who will be given asylum by the court.

“Only Germany’s matter.”

Only those can remain in the European Union who were really persecuted in their home countries. He thinks the crisis is not a crisis of the EU, but that of Germany. Lázár says German corporations regard migrants as an economic opportunity and that the Hungarian government misses the human aspect from their communication. When we read these news we have the feeling that this crisis is doing nothing more than providing cheap workforce for the German economy. Lázár hopes this is not what drives German politics.

It is outrageous what the Austrian chancellor allowed himself, János Lázár said with seemingly sincere rage when he told how indecently and unjustly the Hungarian government is attacked from the EU. Viktor Orbán however did not take up the offence, and is ready to receive the Austrian head of state in Budapest.

According to the government’s point of view neither the quota system nor the hotspots planned on the border are solutions for the crisis. He added he did not understand the 54,000 figure promoted by the European Commission – European countries would receive as many refugees from Hungary. Therefore Lázár does not understand what would happen to the 120,000 migrants who arrived in Hungary in addition to these 54,000

The European Union is unable to act in this situation, they are not the solution but the problem in this situation. The European Union does not help, they only criticize us, he said.

He thinks the situation has escalated since Germany started to call the migrants without sufficient information. (He returned to this several times at the press conference.) The news was published in the morning and in the afternoon refugees denied cooperation at Keleti Railway Station. Policemen only wanted to accompany them to the Office of Immigration and Nationality but the refugees sat down and said no, Lázár said.

Lázár thinks it is a typical double standard that Greece does not observe the Schengen treaty and yet they are not criticized which is also true about European countries that defend their borders from immigrants with fences. The poster campaign concerning refugees is not a Hungarian peculiarity either.

The national security cabinet is receiving signs that during the refugee crisis organized crime and terror threats have increased in Hungary, János Lázár said. Those, who were walking on motorway nr. 1, then were taken to the border by bus, proceeded through the country without national security screening, he said.

Answering a question he said they would not plan to appoint a commissioner responsible for refugee affairs. No monopoly on the measures can be given to one person because the tasks are too complex, he said in answer to a question on the subject.

Paks 2 was approved

The European Commission will approve the contract on the extension of the Paks nuclear power plant technically this week. The precondition was to fulfil the nuclear energy expectations of the EU, and the project should also be proper from a competition point of view. Contracts of the Paks 2 project are in accordance with every energetic, climate, environmental protection expectation which are among the objectives of the Euratom contract, Lázár says. This is another step to create the conditions for cheap electric energy, the minister said.

In the next 2 years further overhead decreases may take place in Hungary due to the changes in the energy sector, Lázár said.

Orbán did not scold Hende in Lázár’s presence

“I do not remember any session where Csaba Hende was scolded by the Prime Minister, Lázár said in answer to a journalist’s question, adding that he could not comment the resignation of the Ministry of Defence. He said that there was one affair which led to Hende’s resign. When one journalist asked what that was, he said it was a topic of this press conference.

To the question whether he would run for the position of Deputy Chair he did not give an unambiguous answer but said that in Fidesz it was an unwritten rule that those who are in a government position do not run for party positions.

And to the end, a piece of news for those in Pécs

What will happen to the skyscraper in Pécs? A journalist asked, curious whether the government has any idea for a solution? Lázár only said, quick demolition.


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