Sándor Demján donates EUR 1 million to refugee children

Author: horvathbence Original title: Demján Sándor egymillió eurót ajánlott fel a menekült gyerekeknek
Publication: 444.hu , Photo:Zsuzsa Suhajda Date: 12:08 11/09/2015

Sándor Demján donates EUR 1 million to refugee children

A press release by the Demján Group announced that the group made a EUR 1 million donation to improving the conditions of refugee children. The amount equals 25% of the refugee-related financial support allocated to Hungary by the EU.

As stated in the press release, solving the recent and severe refugee crisis might be the biggest humanitarian challenge facing Europe in the 21st century. The group trusts that the leaders of the EU member states and the decision-makers of the European Union will arrive at a responsible and joint decision as soon as possible to develop the most efficient and humane practices for the management of refugees.

In his statement Sándor Demján says that “it is not my role to take part in political decision-making or to influence it in any possible direction; however, both as a private individual and as the president of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers I consider it to be my duty to help those in need, primarily those refugee children currently in Hungary or at the borders of our country who cannot look after themselves.”

“In order to achieve this, I hereby appeal to those Hungarians and foreigners, private individuals, entrepreneurs and institutions who feel solidarity with these children to make a financial contribution to the fund set up by the Demján Foundation with an initial amount of EUR 1 million, amounting to 25% of the EU’s EUR 4 million financial support, through a bank account dedicated to the purpose at Gránit Bank.”

“We offer this financial support to improve the conditions of refugees under the age of majority currently in our country or at the borders of Hungary; first and foremost for providing them with food and clothes, to cover their domestic travels, their healthcare cost, the production of informational materials, and to help civilians and authorities working unceasingly to solve the situation.”

“The Demján Foundation will make a decision about the concrete utilisation of the financial source with the involvement of relevant state authorities and independent organizations of the civil sphere actively working on the issue.”

“Further donations can be made to the following two dedicated bank accounts at Gránit Bank Zrt.:

12100011-10000001 (HUF account) or

HU54 12100011-11111111-00000000 (EUR account)

[RHC note:  Deutsche Übersetzung ist auch erhältlich ]


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