Szijjártó: “We will send them back where they have come from”

Author: Original title: Szijjártó: visszaküldjük őket oda, ahonnan jöttek
Publication: , Photo: MTI – Sándor Ujvári Date: 16:23 10/09/2015

Szijjártó: “We will send them back where they have come from”

Hungary will register everyone who asks for asylum in the country. All those whose requests have been refused will be sent back to the countries they came from, whereas those whose requests have been granted can stay, said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in an interview with the Serbian weekly, Novi Magazin, published on Thursday. He emphasised that a distinction has to be drawn between refugees and economic migrants.

He stressed that 99 percent of migrants arriving in Hungary come through Serbia. He said that within the first 8 months of this year, 166,000 migrants arrived in Hungary, and “it would not be an exaggeration to assert that until the end of this year, the number of migrants will reach about 400,000”. He added that while 142,000 people have submitted their requests for asylum so far, most of them have already left the country.

According to Mr. Szijjártó, the temporary security fence erected at the Hungarian-Serbian border is effective, because without it, the green border would be completely open. He underlined that there are seven official border checkpoints along the Hungarian-Serbian border, through which anybody having a valid passport and visa can enter Hungary and the Schengen zone; however, all those who would like to cross the border illegally have to be stopped.

Péter Szijjártó added that Budapest has acted in accordance with the regulations of the European Union, as on the basis of the Schengen Borders Code, it is the duty of the countries situated at the external frontiers of the EU to protect the Schengen zone, and entry into the area is only allowed through the designated border checkpoints. Therefore, Hungary – by protecting its green border – observes the EU regulations, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade is quoted in the Serbian weekly, and he added that he finds it rather peculiar that the international press and politicians criticise Budapest, when they are complying with requirements.

“We expect not to be condemned for respecting the regulations of the EU, and also that the campaign of lies against Hungary be stopped, a country which is complying with the EU regulations even in times of great challenges and in a very serious situation”, said the Minister firmly. He added that the Western Balkans migration route has to be taken seriously, as Brussels has only observed the route through the Mediterranean Sea, although, according to the data provided by Frontex, the border control agency of the EU, there are more migrants arriving on the Western Balkans route.

He also declared that Hungary does not support the obligatory quota system for migrants, and thinks that such a policy is doomed to failure, as it not only encourages migrants, but also human traffickers.


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